Friday, April 8, 2016

Minecraft is an awesome world of imagination, there are a lot things you can try out in that game. Let me show you the basics, there are two modes called creative, and survival. Creative mode is when you have unlimited resources, and you can build whatever you want! In survival mode you have to get the resources yourself, and you can get chased by zombies, and skeletons!
If you are very smart at building things, and mechanics you will definitely will love redstone. You can build an elevator, stopwatch, and a automatic door! If you think that is cool. There are endless possibilities of what you can build with this red dust, this resource is amazing! If you are a beginner still try it you won’t regret it!
The End
You should got to the end when you are a really experienced person on minecraft, you need an enchanted, diamond sword, splash potions, and beds to kill the Ender Dragon which is the boss of The end. The bed is for exploding the Ender dragon because in the end beds explode. After you killed the dragon you get its egg, if you touch it breaks,but I will not tell you how to get it to the overworld, I want you to experience that yourself.
Conclusion: There are more portals in minecraft, but I want you to figure them out yourself, Minecraft is awesome!!

                     ROBLOX: PHANTOM FORCES

Phantom forces is a game where you are on 2 teams and you have guns, grenades, and knifes. It is like Battlefield, but very less gruesome. You can also unlock new guns and atachments for your wepons. Don’t fret about the word GUNS. You can unlock credits by leveling up. Just so you won't be struggling to find the controls I will tell you them. Click W to go forward, dubble click W to Run forward, click S to walck backward, click C to crouch, dubble click C to lie down, click A to go left, click D to go right, click G to through a grenade, click F to stab, and... that’s about it, and that’s about it for the story. PEACE😎!

AIMBOT On Phantom Forces!

Roblox 1 - Phantom: Forces

Friday, April 1, 2016

Akeil powell

Now people might not know what g mod is or memes so first g mod is a computer game
And it’s real name is Garry's mod but people call it g mod for short, ok ok a meme is the most D DANGEROUS thing on earth now the first meme created was SANIC looks like a paper sonic
That looks funny but it’s horror running from him you can tell when he’s behind you because
There is this cool music when he’s close.

the same thing as SANIC but a yushe.
Now he likes to hang out near the water or in the water you never KNOW WHEN HE IS NEAR EVER.

And there is a SHERIK meme i forgot his name but he has amazing music when he is near.


       Harry Potter

Harry Potter was born on July 23, 1980. He was the son of James Potter and Lily Evans. When Harry grew up, his parents were expecting him to go to the wizarding school that they went too in their teens. When Harry turned 1 year old, James’ best friend sent Harry a toy broomstick. Sadly, later that year, Harry’s parents were killed in a “car crash”. After that, Harry was sent to the Dursley’s house for the rest of his life. Or so he thought...

James and Lily | The Garden of


Friday, March 11, 2016

Sping Break
You might ask what im I going to do for sping break? I know what im going to do for sping break and im going to the beach for one week! I dont know how much fun I might have at the beach, but I like the beach more then wny other place to go to! ( exepte the water park!)

Do you like to go the beach becuasr I do! The beach is like rolte! You can play in the warm water and biuld sand cstles!( I love them!) ;) Original (1688 × 1126)An "elaborate" sand castleWater, Clear, BlueReplica log cabin at Valley
14566833785907420332.png                                                             Pizza

I like pizza because is a good pizza and a good taste good like a pizza dog and a cat . and the cat  is good and a bar is a good food for the peloe and the food is for the animal.

Have you ever played Roblox? If you have STOP READING!!! Roblox is a free game. Roblox is a game where you get make an account. After you make an account you go to a menu. When you are at the menu click “games”. This will bring you to a menu where you can find games. Roblox is zx on Xbox1, tablet, AND COMPUTER. THAT'S all.

Roblox Street Racing UnleashedROBLOX for XBOX ONE